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Barbie: My First Clothes Sticker Book
Children can put names to different articles of clothing and learn which items are used on which occasion.

Description from Publisher

Barbie : Beautiful Makeup Book

By Judy Katschke
Girls will have a ball getting decked out with the Barbie Beautiful Makeup Book. First, girls can create a variety of glamorous and groovy looks for Barbie and her friends. Then after mastering the techniques, they can use the cool makeup and accessories on themselves, too! All the makeup for the eyes, cheeks, and lips is included, plus press-on earrings and temporary tattoos to complete the look. Girls will love checking out their beautiful new faces with the attached mirror.

Description from Publisher

Barbie : Pretty Hairstyle Book

By Judy Katschke
The ultimate glamour gift! Using the easy-to-follow diagrams, girls can create six super-cool hairstyles for Barbie's hair -- which is bound right into the book! Pack includes a comb, snap beads, a scrunchie, elastic bands, ribbon, and more. And after girls have mastered the techniques, they can use the accessories on their own hair!

Description from Publisher

A Touch Of Velvet

(Board Book)
Little girls won't be able to keep their hands off this yummy collection of Barbie's favorite evening gowns. Each dress is adorned with velvety touches to feel - for the absolute height of elegance!

Description from Publisher

Barbie : Spring into Fashion

By Golden Books
Barbie and her friend love spring sports, gardening, parties, and picnics. Two paper dolls and lots of cool spring clothes are included. The back cover features a cut-out tote bag.

Description from Publisher

Barbie : A Dress-Up Day

(Step into Reading Book, Level 1)

By Heidi Kilgras
Mile 1 books entice brand-new readers with rhyme, rhythm, and repetition. The type is big, the words are easy, and the art is bright and bold.

Barbie brightens up a rainy day for her little sisters with a magical game of dress up! With golden gowns and silver crowns, fancy shoes and pink tutus and a prancing, dancing fashion show finale -- little girls will love joining in the rousing, rhyming dress-up fun!

Description from Publisher

Barbie : Fashion Show Fun!

By Mary Man-Kong
After seeing Barbie in a fashion show, Kelly can't wait to have a dress-up show of her very own. Barbie helps her little sister put on a show that's a big hit! This storybook features a sparkling glitter cover.

Description from Publisher

Barbie : Fashion Zone
Fun and Games With Style ... With a Cool Rainbow Gel Pen!

Description from Publisher

Barbie : Fashion Sketchbook
Barbie designs beautiful and elegant ballgowns which are displayed on eight poster spreads. A giant full-color poster shows her modeling one of her creations on the runway. The back cover has a design-your-own-fashions activity.

Description from Publisher

Barbie : Let's Dress Up

By Jill Goldowsky

Barbie Glamour Fashions: A Mix and Match Book

By Mary Man-Kong
Create hundreds of glamorous outfits for Barbie to wear!

Barbie : Mix & Match Fashions

(Board Book)

By Rita Balducci
Create dozens of glamorous outfits for Barbie to wear!

She's sporty, she's glamorous, she's Barbie! Little girls will have tons of fun changing Barbie's look in this very fashionable flip book. Girls can mix-and-match the hairstyle from one page, the body from another, and the legs from another for some very fashionable -- and fun -- combinations. A special activity page at the end of the book will help keep youngsters entertained for hours.

Description from Publisher

Barbie : Fashions on the Go!

By Scott Fujikawa
Trace and Color Your Own Fashions

Barbie : Fashion Fantasy

By Pamela Duarte
Trace and Color Your Own Fashions

This ultimate Barbie book for the future fashion designer includes pink tracing paper and thermographic inserts for creating fashions again and again. The story follows Barbie through all the action at a fashion show in which her designs are featured.

Description from Publisher

Super Cool Fun and Fashions

By Golden Books
Design original outfits for Cool Blue Barbie to wear when she hangs out at the mall, a rock concert, and a super slumber party. Readers get to decorate outfits with awesome stencil shapes, cut them out, and then dress up the included paper doll. There are also coloring pages and places where stencils can be traced to add more fun elements into the scenes.

Description from Publisher

Barbie : A Flair For Fashion
Barbie is a fashion designer! Children get to trace Barbie's designs for swimwear, formal gowns, and casual attire as they learn the steps to creating an awesome line of clothes and putting on an amazing fashion show.

Description from Publisher

Barbie : Fashion Sketchbook
Barbie designs beautiful and elegant ballgowns which are displayed on eight poster spreads. A giant full-color poster shows her modeling one of her creations on the runway. The back cover has a design-your-own-fashions activity.

Description from Publisher

Barbie : Dress Up Fun

By Jill L. Goldowsky
Press-On Stick & Stay

Create the outfits by pressing the pieces onto the pictures!

Barbie : Glamour Girl

By Atelier Philippe Harchy
Barbie is the glamour girl! She's in Paris modeling the newest styles, shopping with friends, and enjoying the sights in this 32-page coloring book. Girls can use the lipstick-shaped pen for the activity-packed pages. The excitement continues on the back with a magazine cover that girls can design, wipe clean, and decorate all over again!

Description from Publisher

The Ultimate Barbie Fashion Dolls Sticker Book

By Marie Greenwood
Barbie doll is the most popular fashion doll ever created.

From her first arrival at the New York Toy Fair in 1959, she took the world by storm. Today, with her ever-changing, limitless roles, she continues to inspire girls to fulfill their dreams. This unique book is both a fascinating history of the Barbie doll and a celebration of today's Barbie and her fun-loving world. It is packed with stunning original photography, including a wealth of Sixties outfits, designer costumes, fashion styles of today, and much more!

Description from Publisher

Ultimate Barbie International Dolls Sticker Book

By Rebecca Smith
With more than 60 full-color reusable photographic stickers, the Ultimate Barbie International Dolls Sticker Book will provide days of creative, interactive Barbie-centered play. This book portrays Barbies from Iceland to India, each in Barbie garb of her native land, to take kids on an exciting and educational around-the-world-trip.

Description from Publisher

Barbie Touch and Feel Dress Up

(Board Book)
Designed to encourage young children to explore the world around them, the Barbie Touch and Feel series features fun, tactile elements that depict objects familiar to preschoolers. The newest addition to this series, Barbie Touch and Feel Pets and Barbie Touch and Feel Dress-up, makes details such as a puppy's soft ear, and a dress's shiny skirt touchable in order to reinforce primary learning skills through sensory perception.

Description from Publisher

Barbie : Fashion Show

(Sticker Book)

By Linda Aber

Barbie : My Glamour Night
Purse Book

Barbie : The Ultimate Hair Guide

By Karen Tina Harrison
Barbie is known for her gorgeous hair, and here she shares tips on how to take care of your hair, answers common questions, and shows a variety of hair styles and headwear.

Description from Publisher

Barbie : Style File

Barbie : Gala Evening Fashions
Includes 2 Paper Dolls & Clothes

Totally Cool Nail Party: Storybook and Nail Mini Craft Kit

By Yvette Pompa
Join in as Barbie throws a slumber party and invites all her friends. They'll stay up all night, dancing to their favorite tunes, eating yummy snacks, and doing each other's nails. Girls read the cool story and then do their nails just like Barbie with the attached nail craft kit and step-by-step instructions.

Kit includes 2 press-on nail sets, foil nail strips, french manicure tips, reusable stickers.

Description from Publisher

Barbie What Shall I Be?

Doctor - Teacher - Artist - Business Executive - Chef - Astronaut - Fashion Designer - Firefighter - Ballerina - Pet Doctor

(Carry Along Board Book)
Whether it's Dr. Barbie, Fashion Designer Barbie or Executive Barbie, this book sets a surprisingly positive tone for women in many varied careers. I actively point out to my almost four-year-old the benefits of a career as artist or veterinarian, but alas she only wants to be Ballerina Barbie. I suppose at that age, I did too.

Description from Customer Review

Barbie : Super Sporty Outfits

By Susan Tom-Nellis
Barbie Designs by Me includes all the materials you need to make four totally sporty outfits for your Barbie doll:
  • 6 fab fabric swatches
  • rhinestones & sequins
  • 4 punch-out outfit stencils
  • rickrack
  • 1 punch-out tote bag stencil
  • ribbon
  • 1 tube of silver glitter fabric paint
  • Velcro
  • chalk for tracing
  • sticky tape

    Description from Publisher

Barbie : In the Spotlight

By Marie Morreale
Barbie invites her sister Skipper to catch a glimpse of the world of TV news reporting. While interviewing a famous fashion designer, Barbie suddenly finds herself saving an international fashion show from disaster! Barbie: In the Spotlight is an exciting story about the fascinating worlds of television news and the fashion industry.

Description from Publisher

Barbie : Spring Fashions
Paper Doll

Barbie Cool Looks Fashion Designer Activity Book: A Fun Day in With Barbie Doll and Her Friends!

(Bradygames Strategy Guides)

By Geralyn Fenwick
Fans of "Barbie" and the first "Barbie Fashion Designer", spend an entertaining day with Barbie in this book. Artistically intertwining the events and story the child can perform from the CD-ROM, they can also create fun fashions and perform other activities they read about the book. Includes illustrations of the actual outfits young readers make from the CD-ROM and one page of full-color stickers.

Description from Publisher

NOTE: Activity book only, CD-Rom sold seperately.

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