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Warman's Barbie Doll Field Guide

By Paul Kennedy
Perfect for Barbie doll collectors on the go, this reference provides vast amounts of information in an easy-to-carry guide. More than 1,500 Barbie dolls and accessories are covered, allowing collectors to easily identify and value their collections and potential purchases.

This handy book contains full-color photos and values for America’s most favorite doll made from 1959 to present. Listings are presented in a checklist format so it’s easy to inventory collections and create wish lists. The first Barbie doll guide of its kind!
  • Convenient Barbie doll pocket guide
  • Hundreds of listings and up-to-date values
  • Checklist format to inventory collections and create wish lists

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Barbie the First 30 Years, 1959 Through 1989 and Beyond: Identification & Value Guide

By Stefanie Deutsch
Back by popular demand, Barbie, The First 30 Years is back in an outstanding 2nd edition. This book chronicles Barbie as she changed over the first 30 years of her production, 1959 through 1989 - whether the changes were in her facial features, her hair, her clothes, or the boxes that she came in - and what made these changes significant for Barbie doll buyers. More than 1,000 dolls are presented this time, and over 2,500 Barbie dolls, accessories, sets, and more are showcased. Collectors will find not only Barbie, but Ken, Tutti & Todd, Skipper, Casey, Francie, Stacey, Midge, Christie, and many other friends and family in the book. Variations are now included, and dozens of new photographs of items never before pictured, as well as close-up shots of dolls not provided in the first edition. There are prototypes, foreign outfits, cases, promotional items, displays, gift sets, booklets, and even some dolls from the 1990s. You will be tickled pink with Barbie, The First 30 Years, Second Edition!

Description from Publisher

The Story of Barbie Doll (2nd Ed)

By Kitturah B. Westenhouser
This expanded second edition tells of the many innovations of Mattel's Barbie doll and the story behind her. Over 300 color photos anchor this informative book.

Over 700 color photographs. Sections included are fashions, footwear, hair, and prototypes. Histories of Tutti and Todd, Ken, and Midge dolls accompany the text, as well as information on '70s and '80s Barbie doll, special issues, and international developments. Includes information on cleaning and care, buyer cautions, and forming Barbie doll clubs and conventions. This book features over 400 photographs not pictured in the author's first book.

Description from Publisher

Ultimate Barbie
Trace the history of Barbie from her beginning in 1959, through her meteoric rise in popularity in the 1960s, to her place on the world stage as a jet-setting, multicultural fashion icon. Beautifully illustrated, this handy-sized paperback edition of Ultimate Barbie follows the doll through five decades of changing styles. Special sections take a close look at Barbie's friends, fashions, and the things in her world, and how they all have changed to reflect the times. Specially commissioned set designs are stunningly photographed and offer a wide variety of detailed scenes of Barbie's fun-loving world.

Description from Publisher

Barbie: A Visual Guide to the Ultimate Fashion Doll
Barbie doll is an international star -- the inspiration behind millions of girls' dreams.

The ultimate dream book about the ultimate dream doll. Trace the history of Barbie from her beginning in 1959 through her meteoric rise in popularity during the "60s" to her place on the world stage as a jet-setting multicultural fashion icon. Beautifully illustrated, this book follows Barbie through five decades of changing styles. Special sections take a close look at Barbie's friends, as well as her many accessories and how they changed to reflect the times. Specially-commissioned set designs are stunningly photographed and offer a wide variety of detailed scenes of Barbie's fun-loving world. From the Swinging Sixties through the disco years and into the next millennium, Barbie epitomizes style and glamour.

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Barbie Doll Trivia Trail

By Cheryl Hanlon and Bonnie Speer
Test your own knowledge or that of your friends by playing Barbie Doll Trivia Trail. This book is filled with hundreds of fun facts about the world's most famous doll, her family, and friends. Written in question and answer style, it lends itself well to game playing. It provides entertainment as well as information for Barbie doll collectors.

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The Barbie Doll Years: A Comprehensive Listing & Value Guide Of Dolls & Accessories (5th Ed)

By Joyce L. Olds & Patrick C. Olds
Every Barbie doll, her friends, and their accessories are listed alphabetically by name, by stock number, and by year, making it possible to locate a specific doll even if you only know one of these details. Over 30,000 listings are at your fingertips, featured in a way that makes identification of one or 100 dolls easy. Cases, furniture, houses, paper dolls, children's clothes, jewelry, games, and more are included, as well as over 50 color photos. 8.5 x 11. 384 pages.

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The Collector's Encyclopedia of Barbie Dolls and Collectibles

By Joan Ashabraner
This is the same encyclopedia as before with hundreds of photos and informative text in the deluxe, hardbound edition.

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Barbie Doll Collector's Handbook

By A. Glenn Mandeville
The ultimate handbook for passionate Barbie doll collectors! Delve into the fun world of Barbie doll collecting with authoritative tips from A. Glenn Mandeville, Marl Davidson, Priscilla Wardlow and Gary Ruddell. How to determine the value of a Barbie doll, what to look for, how to accurately identify, where to buy and sell, and how to protect your collections are guaranteed to enhance your collecting skills and fun. 100 captivating color photographs. A treasure trove of Barbie doll information for the novice and experienced collector. 100 color photographs. 96 pages.

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